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Posted November 2, 2011 by carpenterskingscross

13 responses to “Friends around the world

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  1. Hi Dave and Jacky,
    nice to had you and Homer here 😉
    Greetings from King’s Pub in Berlin


  2. Hello Carpenters,
    we wish you all Merry Christmas!!!!
    Greetings from Oswald Family


  3. Hi Dave & Jacky. Wishing ye a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Condolances (in advance) for QPR defeat! Hey, don’t get excited ……. I was only joking!

    Geoff, Linda, Sammy, Twila and Sadie. New Hampshire, USA


  4. Happy New Year for All!!!!
    Best wishes and good luck!
    Bettina, Frank and Isabel from Berlin


  5. Hello Jacky, hello Dave. Best wishes and a happy new year, We hope, we see you again in London in the earlyer 2012. Let´s have a drink for a good time with you in London and a to short reencounter in Berlin.

    Elisa, Jana & Jürgen


  6. Hey guys!!

    Im sitting in Koh Phi Phi in thailand!

    Its roasting…. missing karaoke

    love kirsty xx


  7. Hey guys I’m in Malaysia at the minute on an island called Langkawi, ‘The sun is shining and the weather is sweet’ Looking forward to a nice catch up when Im back… Hope your all good.. xx


  8. Dear Jacky and Dave
    The Easterweekend in London was really great. It was as always a good idea to visit you in the everydays ending in your Pub and to drink a delicious Guinness.
    best wishes from Berlin
    Andreas and Simone


    Andreas and Simone
  9. Hi everyone,
    we are looking forward to meeting you all again from the 2nd to the 9th October.
    Best wishes from Bettina, Frank and Isabel


  10. Hello guys!
    It’s Chris from the German group who spent every night at your pub last week.
    Thank you very much for the wonderful atmosphere we expierenced and the tasty sandwiches 🙂
    We’ll come again (hopefully)!
    Best wishes


    Hans, Sven, Henning, Arne, Chris
  11. Hello from the US. This is Dave. A few weeks ago Nico, Eddie, Adam, Tim, Brad, Ben and I stayed at the Clink and both nights Carpenters felt like our home away from home. Dave and Jacky made our visit spectacular. I still don’t understand the big fish, little fish, cardboard box karaoke song, but either way I’m bringing it to America..we’ll see if it catches on. Our final stop in Germany for Oktoberfest was an unforgettable experience. If I make my way across the pond again I know where I’ll stop for a pint. Thank you both, Dave and Jacky, for your hospitality and entertaining us hooligans. Until next time, best wishes.


  12. Great to meet ye and avail of the great hospitality during my stay. Dave, Jackie and Danny ……. I love your house wine ……… it makes me feel young and excitable!.
    Greetings from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.
    Geoff, Linda and Sammy


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