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Another year in the life of the Carpenters Arms just around the corner, everything continues as normal, check out the other pages on the site for information on darts and music. We will also be updating the photo album pages in the near future. Sadly we lost a wonderful friend Frank Wyard on christmas eve one of the longest serving customers of  the Carpenters. RIP Frank we will all miss you.

Posted October 22, 2011 by carpenterskingscross

4 responses to “Diary

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  1. Hei,
    We are the two guys from Germany…
    Can you Post the Foto while we use the bar?


  2. Yet again , Dave , Jackie and all the staff, yet again thank you so much for everything the last week, you have been the best landlords and servers ever, i hate the fact i’m flying back to Iceland i 6 hours and can’t drop by tomorrow for a chat and a pint ! , and the thought you’ll be closed when i get back makes me want to cry !! we will miss you guys and thanks for the picture ! with love , the lads from Iceland


  3. And ofcourse Danny !! i almost forgot !!


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